Artist Spotlight: Victor Wooten

Often hailed as one of the most talented and skilled bass players in the world, Victor Wooten has proven through countless albums, educational workshops, bass clinics, and live performances that the possibilities of music are endless and that the only limits are set by yourself if you let them.Born in Mountain Home, Idaho in 1964 as the youngest of five musician brothers, Victor was literally born into a band with his brothers teaching him how to play bass at the age of two years old and was performing with his family band by the age of six. Having been a performer ever since then he has no doubt been one of the most influential players within the past 25 years with his tremendous talent and performances with his own band as well as a sideman with countless others. To see him perform simply is a wonder to behold and his attention to detail while performing solo or with accompaniment is of the highest caliber. All in all, an amazing player, but of course it doesn’t stop there with Vic.

One of the absolute best things about him, in my opinion, is that he is one of the most humble, modest, and education endorsing players as well. He fully embodies the positivity driven but intense tenacity about learning that I’ve mentioned in previous posts. He holds an annual bass/nature camp for the good of teaching music to students and how it can go hand in hand with our natural environment. It’s an amazing thing to see someone that is blessed with as much talent as him to really utilize and channel it into something that is helpful to others and the environment instead of simply using it to just entertain and make profit off of performances. He truly embodies the spirit of music being a connective language to all of us around the world and does an amazing job of explaining and showing us here! Check it out!


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